On the way to Yeakaterinburg

In the longest day of the year June 23 the Icon of Our Lady left Krasnoyarsk, Central Siberia.
"Pro-life van" travels now to Yekaterinburg. This is a big city of one and a half million people in the Ural mountains, right on the border of Asia and Europe. It is considered the fourth city in Russia, the so-called reserve capital. This is a special place, where in 1918 the Communists not only murdered Tsar Nicholas II, but also his entire family: wife, daughters and a sick son. For Orthodox Russians it is a place sanctified by the blood of the October Revolution martyrs and stigmatized by attack against the family. The Yekaterinburg Diocese of the Orthodox Church is waiting for the visit of Our Lady of Czestochowa in her pilgrimage "From Ocean to Ocean" in defense of life.

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