With the Dominican Sisters in Weesen

Already at the early dawn, at 4:45 am on Wednesday, October 17, Our Lady began the journey to Weesen.  On this route, She was greeted with stunning views of Lake Walen, surrounded by mountains covered with fabulous colors of autumn foliage of trees that were growing on the shore and on the slopes: red, orange, brown, yellow, and remnants of green.  The Icon remained throughout the entire day in the convent of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Our Refuge.  Currently, the convent is a home to nine Sisters.  They had prepared a very warm welcome for the Blessed Mother.  Fr. Martin Camenzind, the spiritual director of the convent, celebrated a solemn Mass at 7:00 am.

The Sisters prepared fifteen pro-life intentions.  After reading each one aloud, the Sisters lit a candle and placed it in front of the Icon.  After the celebration of the Holy Mass and individual veneration, Sister Consiglia Ronni led prayerful meditations every hour until 7:00 pm.  The Sisters were very hospitable and the people, who came to venerate the Blessed Mother, were very joyful.

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