Trumpet fanfare entrance to the National Shrine to Our Lady at Carfin, Motherwell

Before Holy Mass there was Eucharistic Adoration, Benediction, and The Rosary of Unborn Children led by Stuart Young and assisted by the Legion of Mary.

There was a trumpet fanfare during the entrance of the Icon, followed by a short introductory welcome and Holy Mass.  The main celebrant of the Mass was Fr. Marian Leikawa. This was a truly beautiful liturgy, arranged by Fr. Francis McGachey and Fr. Leikawa, with music from the St. Francis Xavier Parish Choir.

After Mass, there was a short conference on the Gospel of Love and Life.  Speakers included Mary Doogan one of two midwives who recently lost a court case for the right not to assist in abortions   and Sister Andrea of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life.

The event organizer, Joe Livingston, was understandably pleased with the number of pilgrims participating.  Joe commented:

“The Shrine Chapel was absolutely packed. People were standing all around the sides of the Chapel. Praise God for a fantastic night!”

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