Young People greet in Brest

On July 16th the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa reached Brest in Belarus. On the outskirts of the city young people from a Belarusian Orthodox youth fraternities organization was waiting for her. With great joy they formulated a column of cars, marked with colorful pro-life banners and flags. After a time with sounding horns and lit headlights Our Lady was escorted to the city center. They crossed a major traffic artery, causing great interest, and then headed toward the historic fort where with church bells ringing the icon  was solemnly transferred to the Orthodox Garrison Church of St. Nicholas. After the celebration of prayer, many Brest inhabitants and people from surrounding villages gathered together as they had the opportunity to give a personal homage to the Mother of God and do a prayerful "hug" to the icon. Everyone regreted that it was just a brief stopover, and immediately had to say goodbye.

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