Lorca - a town affected by an earthquake

The Mother of God continued Her journey to Lorca in the Murcia Region. The next group of pro-lifers took over the care of Her. The town of Lorca has around 80 thousand inhabitants. Only three years ago it was strongly affected by an earthquake. There was significant damage, many buildings suffered together with a historical castle and churches.

Despite the busy timetable the peregrination coordinators responded kindly to the requests and expectations of the people of Lorca. They wanted the Mother of God in Her pilgrimage across the world in the defence of life visit their own, so badly affected town.

The Black Madonna arrived at the church of St. Mathew in Lorca, the only one left untouched during the earthquake. At 12.30 PM a solemn Holy Mass was celebrated. Over 200 people were present. After the Holy Mass the faithful carried the Icon in a street procession to the convent of St Clara Sisters. There was a two-hour adoration there.

At 3.00 PM pro-lifers from Grenada came and invited the Mother of God to their own town.

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