On the river Gwadalkiwir in Cordoba

The Mother of God reached Cordoba late at night of Tuesday/Wednesday (5/6 of February). The departure from Seville was a little delayed and took place as late as 10 PM.

Cordoba is an important historical city, now a famous tourist center. It is an old Roman town. In the 10th century, under the Moorish rule, as the capital of an emirate it was the biggest town on the Mediterranean Sea (around 1 million inhabitants). It was also an important center of science, culture and art. Christians have always lived here, also at the difficult time of Muslim rule (the Mosoarabic rite).

Our Lady of Czestochowa arrived at the church of San Nicolas de la Villa (St. Nicolas) after midnight. Despite the late hours people were waiting for Her. There were about 400 people at the church. The welcome ceremony and adoration finished at 1 in the morning, as many people had to go to work on the next day.

On Wednesday, February 6, at 9AM the Holy Mass was celebrated and then during the exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament the Holy Rosary in the intention of defense of life and family was said.

The next Holy Mass was celebrated at noon. A crowd of 600 people attended.

The farewell ceremony was held really in Spanish style, typical for this region: There were enthusiastic cheers and singing manifesting a great joy, emotion and tears. In this way the people expressed their hot Spanish blood and great love for Mary, the Mother of Christ.

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