With the elderly In Almaden

On February the 6th on the way from Cordoba to Madrid the Mother of God stopped in a small mining community of Almaden, which is located in the region of Castilia – La Mancha, in the province of Ciudad Real. It lies at the foot of Sierra Morena mountains and is famous for mining and processing the mercury ore, which had been mined here from anscient times. In 2012 the mines of mercury in Almaden were put on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. Today mercury is no longer mined or processed here. As it is well-known mercury compounds and fumes are very toxic for people.

The local pastor welcomed Our Lady with great love and with open hands. The peregrination Icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa came to the chapel of the care house for the elderly in Almaden, bringing a lot of joy and emotion to its inhabitants. Adoration lasted for two and a half hours till 5.30 PM, when the journey was resumed and the Icon went to Daimiel.

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