“From Russia to Loeches”

On Wednesday morning, February 20th, after the Holy Mass AT 10.45 AM, the Mother of God went to Willa de Loeches. The Icon was welcomed at the convent of the Carmelite Sisters. At noon they started a 12-hour prayer vigil in the intention of the defence of life entitled “from Russia to Loeches”. Individual veneration lasted till 6 PM and next a crowd of people (over 200) took the Icon into the main streets of the town of Loeches to the parish church, where the Holy Rosary in defence of life and family was said and later the solemn Holy Mass was celebrated. Next the vigil lasted till 11 PM, when the Way of the Cross started. The prayers ended half an hour after midnight.

However, the Mother of God did not stay in Loeches for the night, but returned to Alcala de Henares where at 1AM She was awaited by the students of the lower seminary. At 9AM  the Matins and the Holy Rosary were said at the seminary chapel.

At 10 AM Our Lady left for the convent of the St. Clara Sisters of St. Diego, from where She went to the town of Ajalvir. There at noon, the Holy Mass was celebrated and prayers lasted till 4PM. During the farewell ceremony it was raining heavily and the Life Mobile had to drive to the church portico, so that the Icon did not get wet.

The Mother of God said good-bye to the Diocese of Alcala and went to the Diocese of Getafe.

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