The Lady Mayor of Griñón declares the town as supporting life

On Monday, February 25th, the Icon of Our Lady arrived in Griñón. At the market place in front of the Town Hall She was very solemnly greeted by the local pastor and the mayor of the town. Next they headed for the local Care House for the elderly. There the Holy Mass was celebrated.

Next the solemn procession went to the school of the School Brothers, where the next Holy Mass was celebrated. Then the Icon was carried to the side chapel where the martyrs are buried – these are the School Brothers murdered in Griñón during the Spanish revolution in 1936.

During the day over 360 children from the local school came to venerate the Icon, again placed in the presbytery of the church.

At 5 PM the Mother of God went to the convent of St. Clara`s sisters. There the Holy Rosary in the intention of the defence of life and family and the Vespers were said with the sisters, and next the Holy Mass was celebrated.

At the end of the celebrations, during the farewell ceremony the Mayor of the Town said Griñón stood up for life.

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