At the cathedral in Plasencja

On the 27th of February, at night, the Częstochowa Icon entered Estremadura, the Spanish autonomous community, which borders Portugal. It was the first signal that the pilgrimage of the  Mother of God on the Spanish soil is coming to the end.

The town of Plasencja was reached at night and the Icon stopped at the cathedral. There was a strong wind, it was raining and it was cold. Due to bad weather the organisers were forced to cancel the procession from the church of St. Nicolas to the cathedral.

At 8.30 PM at La Seo the Holy Rosary in the intention of the defence of life and family started. More and more people came. At 9PM Our Lady in Her Częstochowa Icon arrived. The cathedral door was opened wide. The Icon was carried into the church with the typical Spanish cheers and the singing of the local choir.

The Mother of God was welcomed by bishop Amadeo Rodríguez Magro, the metropolitan bishop of the diocese of Plasencja. He prayed asking the Virgin Mary to take care of all the diocese. Next the solemn Holy Mass was celebrated, presided over by bishop Rodriquez.

On Thursday, February 28  the Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral at 10:00 AM. It was the conventual Mass with Morning Prayer. A lot more people came than usual, as it was the special day of Pope Benedict XVI abdication and prayer for thanksgiving for his pontificate.
By noon icon remained in the cathedral for individual veneration. At that time children with their teachers from local schools came.

At approximately 1PM "Life Mobile" came and Our Lady started for Coria.

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