Famous Russian singer “Pelageja” with her concert supports the pilgrimage “From Ocean to Ocean”

On the next day, 18 July, during a stop in Minsk, the famous Russian singer Pelageja (Pelageya) and her band gave a concert to celebrate the pilgrimage through the world in defense of life “From Ocean To Ocean”. A meeting was opened by Father Pawel Serdiuk, who coordinated the pilgrimage in Belarus. This meeting was held "by special invitation only" in the conference hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which shows the strong support of Belarusian authorities for activities encouraging an increase in the number of children born. This is not surprising, since the demographic crisis has entered a dramatic phase there. Government data indicate that the population is now 9,458 000 and is rapidly declining. Over the last six months it fell by seven thousand people. The fertility rate is too low, not even replacement rate. Families are falling apart: within the first five months of this year, 835 out of 1,000 married couples have divorced, which is dramatic. About 65% of families decide to have only one child, 18.9% two, and only 5% three. This is despite positive and significant state support for families with many children.

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