Mogilev – with the Icon of Czestochowa and fervent prayer around the hospital, where unborn child are being kill

On July 20 the Czestochowa Icon, escorted by column of cars drove to Mogilev. This time the people met her in front of the municipal hospital, which houses an abortion clinic where children are killed in their mothers’ wombs. Carrying the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, a group of about 400 people, together with representatives of the hospital administration and physicians, circled around the entire hospital building praying fervently for the pro-life intention. Every day for the past two years, volunteers of the Foundation "Open Heart" have been coming to the waiting room of this hospital to pray for the salvation of children killed there. They also offer comprehensive assistance to mothers who choose to give birth. To date, they have managed to save 83 children.

Afterwards a conference organized by people accompanying the icon was held in the maternity house. Prayer was continued in the Orthodox Church of Boris and Gleb.

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