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March 27 events began with the mass at 8:15am.  Many showed up to  venerate and say bye to the Black Madonna.  Our next stop was to the studio for Church

Fr. West had an interview scheduled with Michael Voris who is the founder of this Catholic Apostolate that provides news and investigative reports about the Church.  After a couple mis-turns we found the studio.

The first thing you see when entering the studio is a very nice kitchen that has a professional stove.  These are several round tables and an island in the middle of the kitchen.  It is an altogether comfortable staff lounge.  We began meeting the staff, all of whom were very likeable. One gets a quick sense that the staffers are very devotional Catholics with living faith and that they are very dedicated to their work.

Fr.West was helped by staffers to prepare the Black Madonna for her television appearance.  Michael Voris was soon shaking hands and greeting Fr. West and the interview began in short order.  Fr. West gave some history about the origin of the original icon. They also covered the topic of devotionals. Michael Voris posed the question "why do Catholics come out for things like icons".  Fr. West replied, "devotional things such as icons have been downplayed by many including priests to the detriment of the faith". He went on to say, "devotionals can be an entry way to the faith, maintain people in the faith or help them return to the faith”. Don't miss this episode which will air on Wednesday April 2nd.

After the interview Fr. West and Chris brought the icon to a location where local prolifers were carrying out 40 Days for Life in front of an abortion mill.  Fr. West lead a rosary and other prayers and blessed those gathered who were witnessing to life. All gathered were very encouraged by the presence of the Black Madonna.

Chris Morales and
Fr. Peter West
Human Life International

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