Myślibórz – the blessing of children

Early morning on August 16th, a trail of vehicles was riding ahead of the Icon of Czestochowa.  At the head of the cavalcade was the police car, next were the motorcycle riders, following was the Archbishop's vehicle, then came Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, the priest organizing the marches for life, and the permanent escort of Our Blessed Mother.

A pro-life rally through Szczecin

Szczecin received Our Blessed Mother in the Czestochowa Icon extremely hospitably.  There were many meetings, little time, and everywhere very many, many people.

First, the Icon stopped at Solar District in a beautiful, modern church under the patronage of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.

Welcome on behalf of the Church and the Municipal Authorities

On August 15th, at 16:00 (4:00 p.m.), Our Blessed Mother had entered the territory of the Archdiocese of Szczecin-Kamień.  In the middle of the road junction in Ginawa, Archbishop Andrew Dzięga, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamień, greeted Our Lady, kneeling at the border of the archdiocese.

In the heart of the Kashubian region - Kościerzyna greets Our Lady

Everyone was waiting for the Blessed Mother at the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, where a beautiful and very old statue of the Pieta adorns the church.  The peregrinating Icon arrived here to greet the Kashubians.  The procession looked impressive: the children and the young people in beautiful Kashubian costumes, an impressive number of altar servers, a choir, a brass band, a folk band, flags and banners.

Wejherowo – the spiritual capital of the Kashubian region

On Tuesday evening of August 14th, on the Eve of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa had arrived at the Passionist Marian Shrine in Wejherowo.

Mary - the Arc of Covenant for us, today!

With these words, the Archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź, the Metropolitan Bishop of Gdańsk, greeted the peregrinating Icon of Czestochowa "from Ocean to Ocean" in defense of life at the Cathedral of Oliwa.  He began the prayers with the renewal of the "Act of Entrustment" and presided over the solemn Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Emeritus, Tadeusz Gocłowski, as well as fifteen priests of the Diocese of Gdansk.

"For coffee" with the sisters of St. Brigid

This was truly a camera worthy meeting.  The Mother Superior, Karin, was joking that the Blessed Mother will drop in on them "for coffee" only.

The Life Mobile arrived at the entrance to the chapel.  All the religious sisters, and guests present, were able to kiss the Icon.  Our Blessed Mother entered the chapel and stopped before the altar.  The sisters recited the Holy Rosary in the intention for the protection of life.

On time at Mass in Gietrzwald

We were late!  The road turned out to be under construction, some stretches of the road very uneven and it was impossible to drive faster, even with the escort of the motorcade and the police.  Several times, people stood by the road greeting Our Lady with tears in their eyes, flowers in their hands, kneeling on the ground as She passed by.  These were touching moments, but the time was passing mercilessly, and at last, we were a whole hour late arriving in Gietrzwald.

Our Lady blesses the NaPro Technology clinic

Leaving Bialystok, Our Lady in the Icon of Czestochowa blesses the conceived life in Her travels across the world.  This was especially expressed during Her short visit at the infertility clinic named "Napromedica."  Here, only ethical methods of specialized therapy are being offered to married couples touched by infertility.  The success rate using this method is very high.

Icon of Czestochowa in the Orthodox Cathedral in Bialystok

In the evening, on August 12th, the Icon of Czestochowa was carried in a procession through the main streets of the city from the Catholic cathedral to the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Miracle Worker.  The Icon was welcomed in front of the cathedral by His Eminence, Archbishop Jakub, the ordinary of the Bialystok-Gdansk Diocese, who, assisted by priests and deacons, received the Icon from the hands of the Catholic priests.  They entered the cathedral all together.