Birth of the twin bells "Voice of the Unborn" for Ecuador and Ukraine

On Friday, October 8 this year there was a celebration of the birth (casting) of two twin bells "Voice of the Unborn": for Ukraine and for Ecuador. Thanks to the use of Internet connections, representatives of Ecuador also participated in it. The entire live broadcast on YouTube was translated into Spanish and Polish by Fr. Leon Juchniewicz, a Polish missionary who has been working in Ecuador for over 30 years and patronizing pro-life movements.


Gdańsk, November 16, 2020


To all pro-life Friends around the world!

A beautiful demonstration of dedication and confidence

Testimony of Yolanda Poveda Burgos and her husband Evandro de Oliveira:

As a background, I had already gone through two pregnancies, but unfortunately between 9 and 12 weeks of gestation the babies died.

I went to confession with Fr. Raniero Marincioni, pastor of María Reina parish. On that day, August 10, 2019, it was 9 weeks into the gestation of our third baby. I felt so anguished and with so much sadness in my heart without knowing if this baby would live, since being completely asymptomatic cases, it would not be possible to know until medical examination.

The first "Window of Life" in Ecuador

Benedictine sisters in Santo Domingo de los Colorados. open on December 10 this year the first window of life in Ecuador. Here it will be called "Cradle of Life" (Cuna de Vida).

In Ecuador, abandonments of newborns and infants occur quite often, especially by poor, very young mothers. No official statistics on this are kept, so it is not known how many cases there are.

The Icon arrives in the Archdiocese of Portoviejo

On Sunday, September 29, Fr. Leon Juchniewicz, a Polish missionary and custodian of the Icon in Ecuador, traveled to bring the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa to the San Jacinto Parish, in the Manabi province, to a town called Cascol which is an hour and a half drive from Guayaquil.

Last visit in Guayaquil

From September 25 to 27, the Czestochowa Pilgrim Icon reached the Virgin of Lourdes Parish where the parish priest is Fr. Carlos Muñoz. She was received by ladies from the Blessed Sacrament Prayer Group, who helped place Her next to the altar and adorned the Icon with rose petals.

The Our Lady visits the Bay of Guayaquil

From October 21 to 25 the Virgin of Czestochowa visited the Parish of San Alejo. On the first day She was welcomed with the Holy Rosary and the Holy Mass, after that a parish group called Sons de Mary, shared chocolate and bread with all the attendees.

On Sunday the Rosary was recited and the Holy Eucharist was offered with participation of young people who are preparing for confirmation.

Visiting in the middle of a novena

On Friday afternoon the Icon of the Mother of God in Her Czetochowa representation arrived at the Church of Saint John of the Cross, in the sector known as Central Guasmo, a neighborhood with not a very good reputation south of the city. The pastor, Fr. Jorge Montalvo, was vicar for two years in the parish of Czestochowa, so he knows very well the history of the Icon from Jasna Gora.

Mary takes care of all her children

A nice visit was scheduled on Friday, September 20th. The Pilgrim Icon of the Virgin of Czestochowa reached the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima and the Saint Joaquin Foundation and also Saint Ana in La Aurora, an urban parish of the Daule canton. Although the chapel was the first in the sector, that day it belongs to the Saint Albert the Great Parish, which serves as rector's church.

A victory of life

Tuesday, September 17 was a great day in Ecuador. The National Assembly, after years of postponing the vote on the reforms to the Organic Integral Criminal Code (COIP) of Ecuador, rejected the decriminalization of abortion for cases of rape, incest, non-consensual insemination and malformation of the baby in the womb, including until the ninth month of gestation.