"For coffee" with the sisters of St. Brigid

This was truly a camera worthy meeting.  The Mother Superior, Karin, was joking that the Blessed Mother will drop in on them "for coffee" only.

The Life Mobile arrived at the entrance to the chapel.  All the religious sisters, and guests present, were able to kiss the Icon.  Our Blessed Mother entered the chapel and stopped before the altar.  The sisters recited the Holy Rosary in the intention for the protection of life.  The prayers were led by Pauline Father Wlodzimierz Ogorzalek, OSPPE from the Monastery at Jasna Gora, who travels together with Our Lady across Poland as the custodian of the Icon of Czestochowa.

During that time, the Life Mobile was fixed, as the bearings of the cranes were damaged and that threatened the open windows to fall out.  The car battery was checked as well, so there would be the certainty that at night in Wejherowo the Icon would be well lit and well visible to all.

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