Myślibórz – the blessing of children

Early morning on August 16th, a trail of vehicles was riding ahead of the Icon of Czestochowa.  At the head of the cavalcade was the police car, next were the motorcycle riders, following was the Archbishop's vehicle, then came Father Tomasz Kancelarczyk, the priest organizing the marches for life, and the permanent escort of Our Blessed Mother.

The Archbishop Dziega decided to solemnly bid Our Blessed Mother good-bye at the border of the archdiocese.  The chosen location was Mysliborz.  In the church and at the city square, a great multitude of people had gathered.  After the Holy Mass was celebrated, the Archbishop imparted a special blessing on the children, emphasizing that they are our future.

At the very end, Archbishop A. Dziega blessed a road cross in Sciechow.  Many people were coming out on the streets to greet Mary, as the Icon was passing through the different towns.  Sometimes, they had been awaiting Her for a while before She finally passed by.  They were throwing flowers onto the shrine on wheels, singing hymns, praying the Holy Rosary, and kneeling at the roadside, as Our Lady passed through.

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