Comments of the children of St.Dominic's School at Epinal, France, on the visit of the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa

  • I had the impression that Our Lady was really there with us.  I was very moved and the grace I requested was accorded.
  • The visit of the icon brought me joy and happiness and I was pleased to have seen it.  Thank you for coming to our school.
  • I told her everything:  I think she listenend to me attentively.
  • This day will happen only once in my lifetime:  she had gentle eyes like a Mother.
  • When you came, O Mother of God, I was prepared, and you came.  When I arrived in the chapel I saw you with your deep eyes which protect your children.  I love you O my mother;>
  • It was magnificent !  She was beautiful; her eyes were gentle like a Mother's.  I shall never be able to thank Mary enough.
  • The icon was the height of a grown person and with Jesus in her arms, she really seemed alive.
  • When you arrived, O my Mother, in your glass house, I went to meet you.  You came from the other side of the world.  Thank you very much Blessed Virgin!
  • It was he first time I had seen an icon:  I was very moved and I cried when she left.
  • I thought of the Pope John-Paul II and that he had offered his waist sash stained with blood to Jasna Gora.  Mary is our protectress.
  • When reciting the Consecration prayer, I gave everything to Our Lady.
  • The moment I preferrred was when we placed our little candles before the icon.  We were very interiorised.
  • I liked her arrival.  We sang the hymn "We hail you" and we knelt down.
  • I preferred the moment of departure, with the icon in the trailer, surrounded by flowers
  • The icon brought me joy and happiness and  I was pleased to have seen it.
  • The visit of the Virgin lights the flame of my heart, and the joy of God.
  • I wanted to go to the chapel from time to time, but I kept forgetting.  But I drew a little paper at the foot of the Icon on which it was written "Will you grant me the grace of coming here for 15 days" ?  I am sure that Our Lady will assist me in coming to visit Jesus.

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