Prayers in the Agnus Dei Community

Agnus Dei is  initially a German community established in Santo Domingo with the intention of contemplative life. They came to Ecuador 20 years ago invited by the bishop of Santo Domingo. They work closely with Radio Maria, and for the last 8 years they have had perpetual adoration in their chapel.

The community was pleasantly surprised as they did not realize how great welcome the Icon would have among the inhabitants of the area. The Icon remained with them for a whole week, and was present in the chapel accompanying them in all moments of devotion: holy Eucharist, liturgy of the hours, prayer of the rosary, perpetual adoration, always in the company of visitors from the surrounding area.

Agnus Dei community in Santo Domingo is very versatile: they have two celibate brothers, a priest and a very devoted married couple. They know perfectly the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa because they are very close to Byzantine culture and way of life. Although no special talks were scheduled, the daily homilies revolved around the prolife themes, since they are very committed to the defense of human life, from conception to natural death.



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