St. Michael Archangel Parish in Los Bancos

The parishioners went to the previous parish to receive the Icon and took Her to their own Church of Saint Michael Archangel in Los Bancos. She stayed here for the weekend. On Monday She was transferred to the St. Barnabas  district. It was very emotional, since it was the saint's feast, the feast of the Apostle.

There She received the veneration of the whole parish community for almost a week. The Holy Rosary was recited meditating all the mysteries. It was organized with the groups of first communion catechesis and confirmation. The parish leaders gave talks about the value and dignity of human life, on the defense of life and the unborn from conception until the natural death, with much emphasis on the consequences and the moral, psychological and physical evil.

"It was very good to share these talks with the young people because this helped them to learn these values, which maybe in the schools and the universities are presented very superficially, and we give it from the point of view of faith and the church with a Christian morality perspective", said Fr. Julio Mejia, who accompanied the faithful at all times in the meetings, the medications and the Holy Mass.


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