2017-11-10 Echoes of the visit - Letter to the coordinator

Good morning, Father.

I'm Alex, a missionary family man from Puyo. We hope you had a good trip back home. It has been a blessing to be able to have the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa here, in Puyo, and to have celebrated under her protection a pilgrimage in favor of family and life.

Count on us for what you need. The pastoral work with families is urgent and central to the life of faith of Ecuadorians. The stakes are very high in this game in this historical moment of this country.

My wife and I, in addition to our respective degrees, are qualified as monitors in affective-sexual education and in this specific aspect we are working with both marriages and young people. We believe that a true experience of the Gospel is lacking within the family and of an openness to life that is part of marriage as a vocation to the holiness of the spouses. The gender ideology is a materialistic and relativistic poison that kills the most generous and vivifying of the human being, its horizon of God.

It's good to have been able to talk with you. Count on our prayers for your ministry to be fruitful.

Pax Christi

Alex Holgado Fernandez and Karen Margalet Romero


"Vanity is seeking perishable riches and waiting on them" (Tomás de Kempis)

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