Welcome to the pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa

On August 24 the Pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa visited the parish of St. Magdalena, located south of the city of Quito. The parish community received Her with happiness and rejoicing.

For the Solemnity of welcome to the Pilgrim Virgin, a Holy Eucharist was celebrated by the Josefinos fathers Fr. Franklin Benavides and Fr. Elias Bravo, who prepared a moment of joy, praise and prayer with the attending parishioners.

The homily was preceded by Fr. Franklin Benavides, who motivated the community to be faithful devotees and commented: "We are going to receive with a loud applause Our Blessed Mother of Czestochowa, today is a day of solemnity and festivity, and it is a feast that we are all invited." At the end, Fr. Franklin said: "Let us be like Mary, faithful servants, pilgrims, good workers, protectors of life, the sick and the elderly."

In the final blessing, Fr. Elias Bravo, with the parishioners, prayed the prayer found at the end of Evangelium Vitae, an encyclical letter from the Holy Pope John Paul II, as a consecration to the Pilgrim Virgin who recited at the beginning: "Oh Mary, dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, we entrust to you the cause of life..."

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