The Icon that attracts the faithful

For  the Icon of Our Lady of Jasna Gora December 12, marked the beginning of the third week of being in the Church of Carmen. More and more people are attracted to the painful face of the Virgin Mary, a wounded face and a swollen cheek that is almost unknown here. People want to know how the wounds were made and once informed that the original Icon was attacked by Czech Husyts in the fifteenth century, they are amazed at such irreverence.

The Black Madonna has much to say to each person who visits Her; calls to approach mothers, children and families; the Holy Mother has something to express to each one of them. People who enter the Church of Carmen are surrounded with their strength, and do not know or understand why they can not stop looking at the beautiful work that is on this piece of wood.

The Carmelite Fathers, with Fray Javier Isaac Alpizar Lobo in charge, are very happy to have the Icon of the Virgin in their church, so it will remain there a few days longer.

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