At the request of the Archbishop, greater prayer is requested

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 11, the Icon of Czestochowa arrived at the Parish of Our Lady of the Dawn. The parish priest, Father Jaime Cedeño knows this image very well, since his first parish as priest was precisely the Parish of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

A group of ladies waited for the Icon, and while they placed it near the main altar a song was sung to Mary. Because of the request of Mons. Cabrera to pray for the intercession of our dear Mother of Heaven to intervene so that the laws that would allow Ecuadorian mothers to abort for virtually any reason were not passed, Father Jaime prayed before the Icon and then, two mysteries of the Holy Rosaries, the Glorious and the Joyful were recited before the Holy Eucharist.

Then, the coordinator of the pilgrimage of the Icon in Guayaquil had the opportunity to talk with those present about the characteristics of this Icon of Mary, and in the end they all recited together the prayer of St. John Paul II of the encyclical Humanae Vitae that is printed on the back of the prayer cards that were distributed and that have the image of the Icon.

The Icon remained in the church until Friday 13. During those days, rosaries were recited and daily masses were offered, for the intentions requested by Mons. Cabrera.

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