Welcome to the pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa

On August 24 the Pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa visited the parish of St. Magdalena, located south of the city of Quito. The parish community received Her with happiness and rejoicing.

For the Solemnity of welcome to the Pilgrim Virgin, a Holy Eucharist was celebrated by the Josefinos fathers

Sharing with Our Lady the Virgin of Czestochowa

In the parish of Santa Ana, located to the south west of the city of Quito, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated and later an agape with the parishioners who attended the welcoming of Our Lady the Virgin of Czestochowa.

The celebration was preceded by the parish priest Fr. Jose Alfonso Carvajal, who invited the community to welcome the Pilgrim Icon with open arms.

Our Lady the Virgin of Czestochowa visits the parishioners living in Villaflora

The Lord of Good Hope parish, located in the Villaflora sector south of the city of Quito, had the honor of receiving Our Lady the Virgin of Czestochowa. From August 15, the religious icon was located at the foot of the high altar.

The community received Her at 6:00 pm and immediately the Pilgrim Virgin was greeted with the recitation

Pilgrim Virgin of Czestochowa visits the parish of Christ the Savior

The Our Lady of Czestochowa visited the parish of "Cristo Salvador", located in front of the Chiriyacu Municipal Market, in the south of Quito. The visit took place from Monday the 13th to Wednesday the 15th of August.

Our Lady of Czestochowa visits the "Virgen Peregrina de Puengasí" parish

From August 2nd, the parish of Pilgrim Virgin of Puengasí "Virgen Peregrina de Puengasí"  had the honor of hosting, and learning more about the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

It is a representation of the most respected virgin in Poland and Europe, known as Black Madonna with the Infant Jesus in her arms.

She is considered a symbol of motherly faith and love. The Christian tradition attributes the authorship of the original Icon to Saint Luke the Evangelist, who gives more details of the life of the Virgin Mary than the other Evangelists.

Devotion to Mary

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa continues its journey through the parishes of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She was received in the parish of San Juan Apostol de Chimbacalle and in the parish of the Sagrada Familia de La Forestal. In this last parish, She was received with great joy and devotion in the St. Patrick's Chapel where the love and gratitude that the parishioners feel for Our Lady was demonstrated.


Holy Trinity with the Icon

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa also visited the parish of the Holy Trinity, accompanying the parishioners for three days. The Icon was received with a Holy Mass and the parish priest, Fr. Antonio Acosta, explained that the Icon travels the world in defense of the unborn and that it is the Queen of Poland and the Virgin to whom Saint John Paul II prayed.

Accompanying Our Lady

For four days the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa visited the parish of El Sagrario. It is located in the Historic Center of the Ecuadorian capital and is a part of the whole of the Catedral Primada complex. It seems more like an independent church than an attached chapel, both because of its size and because of its importance for the people of Quito.

Unforeseen visit

The pilgrimage of the Icon of Czestochowa aims to bring a pro-life message, but apparently, the Virgin Mary wants to take this opportunity to make herself known in this dedication that is somewhat unknown in Latin Americans.

Guadalupe Molina, catechist of the Pambachupa parish commented that they did not have time to prepare to receive the Mother of God as She deserves, but nevertheless, the parish priest, Fr. Manuel Noriega, took advantage of the homilies of the weekend, especially after the Rosary of the Aurora on Saturday morning and the three Sunday Masses,

Learning about the Icon

Fr. Marcelo Albuja, of the parish of Santa Clara of San Millan, received the Icon on Monday at noon. Father is a very modern priest, so he was interested in seeking more information about the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa online, to be better prepared for his homilies, and to make known this Icon of our Mother and Queen of Heaven. The Icon was present in the Eucharist celebrated during the day.