Through the great Hungary with the Icon of Czestochowa

Oradea (hun. Nagyvárad) is a city in northern Romania populated with ethnic Hungarians.  This area is very significant historically, due to its great defeat of the Christian troops at Mohi under the invasive pressure of the Mongolian army in 1241 A.D.  Many people were brutally murdered, yet the victorious Mongolians continued to press further West into Europe.  Here, Father László Fodor, the Vicar of Bishop László Böcskei, met Our Lady and celebrated the Holy Eucharist in Hungarian.

The journey through Romania

In the days that followed - the 10th and 11th of September, Our Lady traveled across Romania.  In the town of Târgu Mureș (Hung. Marosvásárhely), the Icon visited the Church of St. John the Baptist.  Fr. Dénes Oláh led the Rosary and made it possible for the coordinators to present the principles and ideas behind the peregrination "From Ocean to Ocean".

From Ukraine across Hungary to Romania

On Sunday, September 9th, a decision had to be made on how to repair the "Life Mobile" and go to Ukraine at the same time.  The decision was easy, as it was simply impossible to continue driving without properly working brakes and wheels.  Our Lady in the Icon switched vehicles, boarding the minivan belonging to Imre Telegasy, the director of the Hungarian Pro-Life movement.  She then travelled to the town of Beregovo (Hun. Beregszász) in Ukraine, where a large Hungarian community lives.  Meanwhile, the shrine on wheels remained in Debrecen for repairs.

Our Lady's Nativity celebrated already in Hungary

On Saturday, September 8th, - on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa was presented to the Hungarians.  Imre Teglasy, the head of the Hungarian pro-life movement "Alfa," belonging to the Human Life International organization, had arrived.  He was very excited and fully prepared to transport Our Lady's Icon across his country, which is the homeland of St. Paul, the Hermit.

The "Invincible Victory" wins against Evil and Death

In the morning of the 8th of September, the Icon was taken to Ľutina.  The town is famous for its private apparitions to St. Nicholas on the Feast of the Transfiguration in 1851, which have since been approved by the Vatican.  Many Greek-Orthodox groups go there on pilgrimage.  In 1988, the Holy Father - Blessed Pope John Paul II - consecrated the newly built shrine and pronounced it a Basilica Minor.

The Family is the Foundation of the Society and the Church

Friday, 7th September began in Prešov, the second biggest city in Slovakia, which lies in the South of the country.  The Icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa was being venerated through the whole night at the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky.  The Divine Liturgy was then celebrated by Fr. Peter Dobrík.

In Košice – with the Catholics and the Orthodox

Early morning Thursday, on September 6th, Our Blessed Mother during Her peregrination in Slovakia, visited a most beautiful gothic-baroque style Seminary Church of St. Anthony of Padua in the center of Košice, where a large group of Slovakian priests were just finishing their retreat.  The Sacrifice of the Holy Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop Bernard Bober, the Metropolitan of Košice.

Give your own "FIAT" TO LIFE

Awakening a great interest of the local residents, the Life Mobile brought the Icon of Our Blessed Mother from Kežmark to Mount Zvir in Litmanova, on Wednesday - the 5th of August.  The name of Mount Zvir comes from the Slovak word "zwor," which means connection.  This old symbolic name is associated with the spiritual link of people who are making a pilgrimage to Our Lady.

Our Blessed Mother strengthens faith

The subsequent meeting with Our Lady in the Icon of Czestochowa in Slovakia took place on September 4th, at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Banská Bystrica, where Our Lady arrived at the Nitra Calvary of the Divine Word missionaries.  Father Marian Bublinec, the administrator of the Diocese of Banská Bystrica, welcomed Our Blessed Mother.

Meeting with St. Cyril at the castle of Nitra with bells ringing

Our Lady in the Czestochowa Icon continues "Her" journey across Slovakia.  On September 3rd, "She" arrived at the oldest diocese in Slovakia, the Diocese of Nitra, where the beginnings of Christianity are closely tied to the mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius.  The first place of visitation was Horné Lefantovce, where a large crowd of parishioners with their local pastor, Fr. Peter Michalov, greeted Our Lady accompanied by ringing church bells.