Piekary Slaskie – Care for Life

On Thursday, August 23rd, the Icon of Czestochowa, peregrinating "from Ocean to Ocean" departed from Jasna Gora, Czestochowa.  The next place of Our Lady's Visitation was the city of Piekary Slaskie in the region of Silesia.  A beautiful sanctuary (shrine) near the Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary is known far and wide in Silesia.  The walking pilgrimages from all over Silesia are the local tradition; in May for the men, and in August for the women.  Thousands of people participate in these pilgrimages.

Back home at Jasna Gora

On August 22nd, on the Queenship of Mary, the peregrinating Icon of Czestochowa returned home, meaning - she was placed at the Jasna Gora Monastery.  Solemnly brought into the Chapel of the Miraculous Image, She rested at the right side of the altar and the original Icon.  The Pauline Fathers began with the vespers.  Because of the great numbers of the faithful, it was decided to move the scheduled Mass to the outdoor summit of the "Bright Hill," where the crowds had more room.

Crowds at the Cathedral of Lodz

In the morning of August 22nd, on the Memorial of the Queenship of Mary, the Czestochowa Icon had arrived at the Lodz Cathedral assisted by the police and the motorcade of the Katyn Rally.  Archbishop Wladyslaw Ziolek accompanied by approximately 100 priests, welcomed Our Lady.  This meeting was mostly for the consecrated and religious.  Yet, many lay faithful also came to this event.  They all formed a great crowd that filled the cathedral and praised Mary. 

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"The Gospel of life must be proclaimed and human life defended in all places and all times."
~ Blessed Pope John Paul II in Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics - National Conference of Catholic Bishops (United States) 1998


On foot to Czestochowa

The August walking pilgrimages to Czestochowa are on old Polish tradition.  Every year, thousands of Polish Catholics, walking from all corners of Poland, converge to gather at Jasna Gora (Bright Hill), Czestochowa.  This tradition has been alive for several hundreds of years.  Even the Communists were not able to destroy this deeply rooted tradition.  The purpose of these pilgrimages is to gather and pray at Mary's feet.

The hometown of St. Maximilian Kolbe – Pabianice

In the beautiful church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Pabianice, a large crowd, together with Bishop Adam Lepa, awaited Our Lady of the Icon of Czestochowa.  After greeting Our Lady, the entire parish, with the choir leading, sang the Akathist in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Singing out loud in a crowd of other people praying and honoring the Mother of God is an amazing experience and gives a sense of strength and a sense of Church Community.

In the service of the family

After the morning prayers and Eucharist celebrated by Bishop Mark Solarczyk, the Icon of Czestochowa departed Warsaw, this time she was being carefully escorted by the police.

The first stop in Lodz was the Center in Service of the Family (CSR), which is the central organization affiliated with all the pro-family organizations of Lodz, movements and associations, which serve by giving assistance, teaching, advising, feeding and sheltering those in most need.

Warsaw did not disappoint

A heatwave of 32 degrees Celsius, the forecasted thunderstorm, a weekend, and the middle of summer vacation – none of these elements could stop the Warsaw residents from welcoming Our Blessed Mother in the Icon of Czestochowa with open hearts.

On Monday, August 20th, the Icon was visiting Warsaw.

The kiss of love – Our Blessed Mother visits Father Jerzy

On Sunday, August 19th, at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, had arrived at the Shrine of Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko in Warsaw's Zoliborz.  She came in Her glass "Life Mobile," accompanied by the bikers from the "Katyn Rally".  At the tomb of Fr. Jerzy, the Icon was presented by the Orthodox priests from the parish of St. John Klimak into the hands of Monsignor Tadeusz Bożełko, the custodian of the shrine.

Two lungs of the Church – with Mary we are together in defense of life

On Saturday, August 18th, in the afternoon, Our Lady of Czestochowa had arrived at the Orthodox parish of St. John Klimak in the Warsaw district called "Wola."  There, She was being awaited by the pastor of the parish, Mitrate Nicholas Lenczewski, assisted by several priests, deacons and numerous faithful.  Many Catholics also joined them.