Borisov – on the main town square for all

Borisov hosted the Mother of God on Thursday, July 19. The city and district authorities, the priests of the Orthodox Church and a great crowd of people, children and youth greeted the Czestochowa icon at the main town square before the Municipal Palace of Culture. The car with the icon was preceded by a pickup truck equipped with portable bells and a group of people playing on them.

Famous Russian singer “Pelageja” with her concert supports the pilgrimage “From Ocean to Ocean”

On the next day, 18 July, during a stop in Minsk, the famous Russian singer Pelageja (Pelageya) and her band gave a concert to celebrate the pilgrimage through the world in defense of life “From Ocean To Ocean”. A meeting was opened by Father Pawel Serdiuk, who coordinated the pilgrimage in Belarus.

“Black Madonna” at home, in the church and on the streets

The next step of the pilgrimage on July 17 was the stay in Baranovichi. A large crowd awaited the arrival of the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa both in the street and in the Orthodox Church of the Protection of God (Pokrovskij Sobor). The Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninec - Stefan personally presided at the Divine Liturgy.

People brought household icons with them in order to apply them to the traveling one. It turned out that in some houses images of Czestochowa icon were preserved, and were closely guarded and hidden during the communist persecution. It is very moving--people were losing their lives, but protected that which was most sacred to them--the Czestochowa Icon of Mother of God.



Letter from Wolochowicz

Letter from Wladek Wolochowicz en route with the Blessed Mother through Belarus

Dear Friends,

The international pilgrimage of the Czestochowa icon "From Ocean to Ocean" is currently traversing my country, Belarus. We have already been in Polotsk, Lida, Grodno, Brest, Baranoviche, and in countless villages. The icon is currently in Minsk.

Young People greet in Brest

On July 16th the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa reached Brest in Belarus. On the outskirts of the city young people from a Belarusian Orthodox youth fraternities organization was waiting for her. With great joy they formulated a column of cars, marked with colorful pro-life banners and flags.

„Rhinoceros” on bikes brought Our Lady to Grodno

Grodno hosted solemnly the Czestochowa icon on July 15 and 16. Back 20 kilometers before the city motorcyclists from Grodno motorcycling club, "Rhinoceros" waited for her. It was really something new. The participation and enthusiasm of these young men and women on bikes were moving. Everyone wanted to attach a flag with the slogan against abortion. Unfortunately we run out of them.

From meeting under the cross to a conference in Lida

On Saturday, July 14 the Czestochowa icon reached Lida. The news of the arrival of Our Lady spread widely. People stopped working, changed their plans, just to greet the Mother of God. At the town border a little surprise. A large group of people gathered by the cross there. Not so long ago the cross was not there, because the communists cut it down.

The warmest welcome to Our Lady in Belarus

Big crowds, emotion, fervent prayer, and even some tears that is how Belarus welcomed the Mother of God. On July 13 the Czestochowa icon in her pilgrimage stopped in the historic spiritual cradle, which is the region and city of Polotsk visiting the main churches of the Orthodox Diocese of Polock-Hlubokaje.

Mother of God already in Belarus – 11 thousand kilometers of Russia behind us!

On the evening of July 12 the pilgrimage Czestochowa icon peregrinating "From Ocean to Ocean" through the world in defense of life was formally transferred by the coordinator of the Russian part of the pilgrimage Dr. Igor Bełoborodova to the representative of the Belarusian Orthodox pro-life movement, Fr. Paul Serdiuk. The same day in the morning in Minsk the first press conference on this peregrination was held.

With ringing of bells in Nizhny Novgorod

On July 5th accompanied by ringing bells the pilgrim Czestochowa icon was  brought to the Orthodox church of the Transfiguration of the Savior on the historic old market (Spaso-Preobrazhensky Sobor - Starojarmarchny) in Nizhny Novgorod.

The church is situated on the left bank of the Oka river where it is flowing into the Volga river. Its establishment in the late nineteenth century was associated with one of the largest markets in Russia. During the Bolshevik persecution after the October Revolution it was converted into a warehouse. Only in 1991 The church become a temple again, and until 2009 also served as a cathedral.