Third day in Vladivostok

On Thursday, June 14,  a conference was held in the center of Vladivostok on "Current problems of social assistance provided by the Church." It was dedicated to developing cooperation between Church and State in preventing abortion and other pathologies, as well as supporting traditional family values​​.

Vladivostok Metropolitan Veniamin met with representatives of the International Committee of the Pilgrimage

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa continues the visit in Vladivostok on her pilgrimage through the world in defense of life. Now the icon is in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Care (Pokrowskij Sobor), where people continuously pray in front of her. This is an historic moment, because the world pilgrimage of Our Lady starts in Vladivostok on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the Far East.

Already in Vladivostok

On June 11th the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa came to Vladivostok, and stood on the shore line of the Sea of ​​Japan, which directly connects to the Pacific Ocean. She came by van, specially purchased for this purpose, which Alexei Komarovsky drove all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok via Kazakhstan, covering about 11 thousand kilometers and seven time zones.

Mother of God in the Czestochowa Icon went to the Far East

On June 2, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa went by car from Moscow to the Far East. The first on the route was Kazakhstan. The Russians have bought a special van produced in Russia, which will cross the entire route from Moscow to Vladivostok through Kazakhstan where the official pilgrimage from the Pacific Ocean will start.

Car manifestation around Moscow with the Czestochowa Icon

On May 20, Orthodox defenders of life in Moscow organized a fourth car manifestation in defense of life "Stop Abortion".  It was attended by hundreds of people and dozens of cars. The meeting began in the Orthodox Church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the center of Moscow with a prayer before the peregrinating Czestochowa icon.

Moscow - welcome of Our Lady in the Czestochowa Icon for defense of life

On May 9, just before the International Day of the Family, Our Lady in her Czestochowa Icon arrived in Moscow, in her pilgrimage through the world in defense of life. She came from Minsk in the company of a Belarusian delegation led by Father Paul Serdiuk and Igor Beloborodov, coordinator of the Eastern part of the pilgrimage.

We are building an altar on wheels for our Lady

A Pilgrimage "From Ocean to Ocean" of Our Lady of Czestochowa in her icon will begin any time. Now we have to decide how she will travel. Through the Siberian wilderness we definitely need a pickup truck, which is currently prepared by Russia's pro-life leaders. We Poles however, want the icon to be clearly visible when driving through towns and villages, not enclosed in an armored box.

Icon of Jasna Gora in Belarus

In her peregrination in the defense of life, the Czestochowa icon came to Minsk in Belarus.
Currently she is in the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas of Japan.

Why was this parish was granted the privilege of hosting the Mother of God in the peregrination icon? Her pastor, Father Paul Serdiuk, is very involved in the defense of life. He is a member of the International Committee of Czestochowa Icon pilgrimage "from ocean to ocean."

Czestochowa icon embarked on a pilgrimage to the east

After the ceremony of touching a copy of the Czestochowa icon to the original and blessing the copy, the icon of Our Lady begins to create her own history. On Monday morning, January 30, 2012 the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, began the journey from Jasna Gora to Moscow, to the east through Minsk, Belarus.