Diocesan Sanctuary of Black Madonna of Piedemonte and Sabana

The visit to Arauca had a specific purpose, to meet the bishop, Monsignor Jaime Muñoz Pedroza, and the community that is carrying out the construction of a sanctuary in honor of the Queen of Poland.

The sad face of Our Lady marked with a wound creates empathy in the inhabitants of this area,

On the Colombian border with Venezuela

The last stop in Colombia was the Diocese of Arauca. This area is especially dedicated to the Virgin of Czestochowa, as the bishop of the diocese, Monsignor Jaime Muñoz Pedroza, some years ago saw the need to ask Our Lady to help heal the deep wounds left by the conflict between the government and the guerrilla, and there is none better than the Virgin that shows on Her face the pain and the cuts.

Commemorating the Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist

The last day of the stay in Bogota of the organizer of the international Icon pilgrimage of Czestochowa, on Tuesday, August 29, was very symbolic. He met with a group of leaders gathered in the Parish of the Oblate Missionary Fathers. María Carolina López and María Madre del Amor Perpetuo responsible for the evening coordinated everything.

Important meetings in Bogota

The beautiful city of Bogota is waiting to receive Pope Francisin in a few days. All their expectations are set on this visit that will surely renew the faith of the Colombian people and will bear fruit in religious vocations. However, Lech Kowalewski, the international coordinator of the Czestochowa Icon pilgrimage had the opportunity to meet with some individuals and groups to discuss the Ocean to Ocean Initiative.

Paving the way for the pilgrimage in Colombia

In Ecuador the Virgin of Czestochowa Icon is in good hands, but for Our Lady it is important to travel next year to Colombia the sister country, It is necessary to make friends with people committed to the defense of life. That is why the international coordinator of this initiative, Lech Kowalewski, traveled to Colombia.

Pending the continuation of the pilgrimage

The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa has been in Ecuador since April. She visited 29 parishes of the diocese of Santo Domingo. Many faithful looked into the eyes of the Black Madonna and have felt the maternal embrace of Her protection.

To be available to all of her children, She even traveled in the back of a pickup car to reach the inaccessible areas of the countryside.

One month long visit in Tandapi

After almost a month in the parish of Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy in Tandapi, Our Lady in Her Czestochowa Icon left the inhabitants of the region.

Geographically the town of Tandapi is a part of the Mejía Canton in the province of Pichincha, but for pastoral reasons belongs to the diocese of Santo Domingo.

Parish of Christ the King and Immaculate Conception in Gualea - Armenia

With great clamor and very excited, the parishioners received the Icon of Our Lady in the Parish of Christ the King and Immaculate Conception. The dean of the place, Fr. Victor Saragosin, accompanied Her every day.

She visited a number of communities such as Nanegalito, Dos Puentes, Tandayapa, Miraflores, San Sebastian, Santa Elena, Cartagena, Tulipe, Las Tolas, Gualea Cruz, San Jose de Porvenir, Manchuri, among others.

Parish of the Mother of Good Shepherd in Nanegal

On Sunday, June 11, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa arrived at the Parish of the Mother of the Good Shepherd, in Nanegal. Here She was received with great joy by the residents who gathered in the Nanegal Educational Center where they began the visitation by crossing the central park, walking two kilometers to the parish church.

St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Mindo

The faithful of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Mindo received the Virgin with great joy and devotion. The Icon arrived on Friday, June 9, and stayed  until Sunday, 11th. For Fr. Jean Baptiste Fils the parish priest it was a good experience that greatly encouraged the Marian devotion of the parish. "It has been a great experience with our Mother," he said.